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Automation of SSRS Configuration

MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting Class:

Powershell Example:

$wmiName = (Get-WmiObject –namespace root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer  –class __Namespace).Name
$rsConfig = Get-WmiObject –namespace "root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer\$wmiName\v11\Admin" -class MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting  -filter "InstanceName=’SQLTFS’"

CheckHResult $rsConfig.SetVirtualDirectory("ReportServerWebService","ReportServer",0)
CheckHResult $rsConfig.ReserveURL("ReportServerWebService", "http://+:80", 1033)
CheckHResult $rsConfig.SetVirtualDirectory("ReportManager","Reports",0)
CheckHResult $rsConfig.SetDatabaseConnection($DatabaseInstance, $DatabaseName, 2, $SqlCredential.UserName, $SqlCredential.GetNetworkCredential().Password)
# force refresh
CheckHResult $rsConfig.SetServiceState($false,$false,$false)
Restart-Service $rsConfig.ServiceName
CheckHResult $rsConfig.SetServiceState($true,$true,$true)
# set key
& "$SQLBin\RSKeyMgmt.exe" -a -i SQLTFS -f $SSRSEncryptKeyFile -p $SSRSEncryptPassword
# join group
& "$SQLBin\RSKeyMgmt.exe" -j -m $workingNode -i SQLTFS -n SQLTFS




Configure Report Server URLs (SSRS Configuration Manager)

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