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Primary Sites / Secondary Sites / Branche DPs – Need help preloading packages onto distribution points

– Preloading is only functioning to DPs in child sites or to BrancheDPs in SCCM 2007

– Preloading DPs in primary site ist not functioning:

Unfortunately preloadpkgonsite.exe only works on secondary sites not plain ole DP’s. That’s going to make this harder. You’ll have to send all your packages down from SCCM to the DP’s.


You can not use it on stand alone DPs. Only on secondary sites that have the DP role.

Choose Between Primary Sites, Secondary Sites, and Branch Distribution Points:


SCCM 2007 Site Server Configuration, VPN Clients and disk capacity sizing




Branche DPs:

About Standard and Branch Distribution Points:


Choose Between a Standard and Branch Distribution Point:


Distribution Points and Configuration Manager 2007 R2 Features

Standard distribution points and branch distribution points support streaming virtual application packages. For more information, see About Virtual Application Packages.

Standard distribution points that are configured as server site systems support multicast for the operating system deployment feature. Branch distribution points and standard distribution points that are configured as server share site systems do not support multicast. For more information about multicast, see About Multicast for Operating System Deployment.


How to Deploy a Branch Distribution Point:



Child-Site preloading:

How to use Preload Package Tool for Configuration Manager 2007 to load package on SCCM Site

In control with preloading packages:


Packages Will Not Uncompress After Using Preloadpkgonsite.exe :


using preloadpkgonsite.exe to stage compressed copies to child site distribution points:


One way to replace the hardware for a Secondary Site:


System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit V2:


Mass copy software distribution packages to child site.

Troubleshooting packages that just won’t install on DP’s


Features of a SCCM 2012 DP (Migration):

* Automated Object Migration – Migration of collections, software distribution packages, boundaries, metering rules, etc.
* Distribution Point Sharing – Allows CM 2012 client to grab migrated content from CM 2007 DP
* Content Prestaging – Similar to PkgPreLoadOnSite tool
* DP Upgrade – Reduces need to redistributed content
* Import of CM 2007 inventory MOF files

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