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What are some of the new features added with new branches of Windows 10?


Video: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Walkthrough


Fall Update (1511)

  • Edge improvements (sync of items like Favorites, Reading, tab previews, media cast)
  • Cortana improvements
  • Nested virtualization
  • Memory compression changes
  • GUI improvements (context menu consistency, color schemes, no background pic on logon etc)

Anniversary Edition (1607)

  • Remote Credential Guard
  • Windows Hello for Business
  • Windows Information Protection
  • Windows Defender Offline
  • Windows Defender ATP
  • Expanded MDM
  • App-V, UE-V
  • Improved WICD
  • Shared PC Mode

Creators Update (????)

  • 3D support and 3D applications
  • Braille support
  • Azure AD account support for Cortana
  • Improved OneDrive interface
  • Improved voice commands and Cortana capabilities
  • Full screen idle view for Cortana
  • Enterprise cloud printing
  • Improved Windows Game Bar
  • Improved update experience


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