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Now Available: Update 1802 for System Center Configuration Manager

Baseline versions (+in console): 1511 / 1606 / 1702 / 1802

in-console only: 1602 / 1606 / 1610 / 1706 / 1710

Update 1802 for Configuration Manager current branch is available as an in-console update.

Apply this update on sites that run version 1702, 1706, or 1710.

When installing a new site, it’s also available as a baseline version.

  1. Reassign distribution point
  2. Configure Windows Delivery Optimization to use Configuration Manager boundary groups
  3. Support for Windows 10 ARM64 devices
  4. Improved support for CNG certificates
  5. Boundary group fallback for management points
  6. Cloud distribution point site affinity
  7. Management insights
  8. Cloud management gateway support for Azure Resource Manager
  9. Improvements to cloud management gateway
  10. Configure hardware inventory to collect strings larger than 255 characters
  11. Deprecation announcement for Linux and Unix client support
  12. Surface device dashboard
  13. Change in the Configuration Manager client install
  14. Transition Endpoint Protection workload to Intune using co-management
  15. Co-management dashboard in System Center Configuration Manager
  16. Microsoft Edge browser policies
  17. Allow user interaction when installing an application
  18. Do not automatically upgrade superseded applications
  19. Approve application requests for users per device
  20. Run scripts improvements
  21. Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence via cloud management gateway
  22. Improvements to Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence
  23. Improvements to operating system deployment
  24. Deployment templates for task sequences
  25. Phased deployments for task sequences
  26. Install multiple applications in Software Center
  27. Use Software Center to browse and install user-available applications on Azure AD-joined devices
  28. Hide installed applications in Software Center
  29. Hide unapproved applications in Software Center
  30. Software Center shows user additional compliance information
  31. Schedule automatic deployment rule evaluation to be offset from a base day.
  32. Report for default browser counts
  33. Report on Windows AutoPilot device information
  34. Report on Windows 10 Servicing details for a specific collection
  35. Improvements to Configuration Manager Policies for Windows Defender Exploit Guard
  36. New host interaction settings for Windows Defender Application Guard
  37. Improvements to the Configuration Manager console

Checklist for installing update 1802 for System Center Configuration Manage

What’s new in version 1802 of System Center Configuration Manager:

What’s new in version 1710 of System Center Configuration Manager:

What’s new in version 1706 of System Center Configuration Manager:

System Center Configuration Manager Feedback:

or example, a Configuration Manager version drops from the matrix after support for that version ends. Similarly, support for Windows 10 versions like the Enterprise 2015 LTSB or 1511 drops from the matrix when they are removed from support.



Support for System Center Configuration Manager current branch versions:



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