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Santorini, Centaurus, Pegasus – codenames provide clues to Microsoft’s plans for the future of Windows and beyond

Qualcomm Announces X55 Modem: 5G Multi-mode & New Advanced ICs – will be in devices in 2020

Today Qualcomm looks to address this major concern with the announcement of the new second-generation X55 modem: A full standalone multi-mode modem solution. The X55 differs from the X50 in that it supports all communication standards, from 2G, 3G, 4G to the newest 5G standards, no longer requiring the chip to work in combination with a Snapdragon SoC modem. The modem’s 4G capability has also been improved, offering UE LTE Category 22 speeds of up to 2.5Gbps via 8xCA at 256QAM.

Samsung: New Mobile Devices (MWC 2019, Fold, Galaxy S10..)

Samsung Announces The Galaxy S10: 10th Anniversary Trio:

Samsung S10, 10+, 5G and fold are a Qualcomm win

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab S5e: 10.5-Inch sAMOLED with USB-C:

Samsung Announces The Galaxy Fold: The First Folding Display Smartphone:

Generating PowerShell Cmdlets from OpenAPI/Swagger with AutoRest

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DSC Resource Kit Release February 2019

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What’s new for WSL in Windows 10 version 1903?

Advanced Office 365 Routing: Locking Down Exchange On-Premises when MX points to Office 365