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Servicing Azure Stack using the Update resource provider

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Integrate Azure Stack into your datacenter

Azure (ARM): Understanding Idempotence and Scope in Azure Resource Manager Templates

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if…then in ARM Templates

Microsoft makes 5 major announcements at Inspire 2017 (old WPC), including Microsoft 365

Azure Stack RTM / Deploy the Azure Stack Development Kit

Get the new Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK):

Deploy the Azure Stack Development Kit:


Microsoft Azure Stack Development Kit architecture:

Release Build 20170627.1

Starting with the 20170627.1 release, Azure Stack Proof of Concept has been renamed to Azure Stack Development Kit. Like the Azure Stack POC, Azure Stack Development Kit is intended to be a development and evaluation environment used to explore Azure Stack features, and provide a development platform for Azure Stack.

Cloud Platform Release Announcements for July 10, 2017

  • Azure Stack | Available to Purchase
  • Azure Managed Applications Preview
  • Azure Service Health Preview
  • SQL Data Warehouse | Increased performance and scaling
  • Azure HDInsight | Kafka for Azure Managed Disks Preview
  • Virtual machine scale sets | New networking features for Azure virtual machine scale sets general availability (GA)
  • Azure Service Bus | Hybrid Connections in Sovereign Clouds GA
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security | New features (ransomware policy, Role-Based Access Control,  Microsoft Teams)
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