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OCP Summit 2018: SONiC, the network innovation powerhouse behind Azure

SONiC is the default switch OS powering Azure and many other parts of the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft’s Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) is the first solution to break monolithic switch software into multiple containerized components. SONiC enables fine-grained failure recovery and in-service upgrades with zero downtime

Microsoft’s Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC)

Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI)

OCP Summit 2018

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Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Networking: Updating the Network Controller Server certificate

Network: Netsh traces

Azure ExpressRoute updates – New partnerships, monitoring and simplification

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Hybrid Networking: End-to-end setup of an ExpressRoute between interxion und Azure

Windows Container and Virtual Network Deep Dive series

Monitoring of Azure ExpressRoute in preview

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