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Power BI Desktop December Feature Summary

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Power BI service October and November feature summary

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On-premises data gateway November update is now available

  • The public preview of the long-awaited High Availability support.
  • The “Additional Logging” setting of the gateway will now include the Mashup engine traces.
  • The gateway will now automatically fall back to communicating through Azure Service Bus using HTTPS if direct TCP fails.
  • The gateway now includes the November version of the Mashup engine.
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Azure: Technical reference implementation for enterprise BI and reporting

Cloud Platform Release Announcements for November 8, 2017

  • Azure Analysis Services | Scale out
  • Power BI Desktop | Esri Plus—GA
  • Power BI Report Server | October 2017 update—GA
  • Azure API Management announces hourly billing and new basic pricing tier
  • App Service on Azure Stack—GA
  • Azure Batch | Low priority virtual machines (VMs)—GA
  • System Center Preview update
  • Azure Log Analytics | Monitor ExpressRoute connections—public preview
  • Azure Cosmos DB | Storage Explorer + Cosmos DB—public preview
  • Azure SQL DB learns and adapts | Query auto tuning—GA
  • Azure SQL Database | Transactional replication—GA

Announcing Single Sign-On Support when connecting to data sources from the Power BI Service

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Power BI Pro & Power BI Premium: Flexibility to choose the licensing best for you and your organization

Also included with Power BI Premium is Power BI Report Server*, as well as the ability to embed Power BI in your apps. Power BI Report Server is an on-premises server that allows the deployment and distribution of interactive Power BI reports and traditional paginated reports completely within an organization’s firewall. The same number of virtual cores provisioned in the cloud can also be deployed on-premises with Power BI Report Server – without the need to split the capacity – providing the freedom to move to the cloud at your pace.

For embedding, Power BI Premium includes access to one API surface, a consistent set of capabilities and access to the latest Power BI features.


*Power BI Report Server is also available as part of SQL Server Enterprise Edition for customers with Software Assurance