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What’s new in SSMS 17.4: SQL Vulnerability Assessment

Microsoft Releases First Cross-Platform SQL Operations Studio

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Announcing SQL Operations Studio for preview

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Power BI Pro & Power BI Premium: Flexibility to choose the licensing best for you and your organization

Also included with Power BI Premium is Power BI Report Server*, as well as the ability to embed Power BI in your apps. Power BI Report Server is an on-premises server that allows the deployment and distribution of interactive Power BI reports and traditional paginated reports completely within an organization’s firewall. The same number of virtual cores provisioned in the cloud can also be deployed on-premises with Power BI Report Server – without the need to split the capacity – providing the freedom to move to the cloud at your pace.

For embedding, Power BI Premium includes access to one API surface, a consistent set of capabilities and access to the latest Power BI features.


*Power BI Report Server is also available as part of SQL Server Enterprise Edition for customers with Software Assurance

Azure: Cloud Platform Release Announcements for September 25, 2017

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  • Azure Reserved Virtual Machine (VM) Instances | Reserved VM Instances
  • Azure security and operations management | Cloudyn, Azure Security Center, Monitor
  • Availability Zones | Preview
  • Azure Batch | Low Priority VMs GA
  • Azure Batch | Rendering service GA
  • Azure Cloud Shell | PowerShell Preview
  • Azure Data Box | Limited Preview
  • Azure DDOS Protection | Azure DDoS Preview
  • Azure Files Sync | Preview
  • Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service | PP: Feature (Device Provisioning Service)
  • Azure IoT Suite—Remote Monitoring | Available to purchase
  • Azure Migrate | Preview
  • Azure Network Watcher | Connectivity Check for Express Route
  • Azure Traffic Manager Real User Measurements | Preview
  • Azure Traffic Manager Traffic View | Preview
  • Azure VPN Gateway | P2S VPN from Apple Macs—GA
  • Load Balancer Standard | HA Ports Preview
  • Load Balancer Standard | Preview
  • Project “Honolulu” | Preview
  • SDN – Global Virtual Network Peering | Preview
  • System Center | System Center preview build (semi-annual channel)
  • VNet Service Endpoints for Azure Storage and Azure SQL | Public Preview
  • Virtual Network service endpoints for Azure Storage and Azure SQL | Preview
  • Windows Server | Windows Server, version 1709 GA
  • SDN – Ip Service Tags | Preview
  • ExpressRoute IPv6 support for Azure and Office365 | GA
  • Azure Essentials–new Azure offer | Preview
  • Azure Machine Learning updates | Preview
  • Azure SQL Database | Azure SQL DB Easy lift + shift cloud preannounce
  • AI Solutions | Disclosure
  • SQL Server 2017 (Windows, Linux, and Docker) | SQL Server 2017—GA
  • Azure SQL Database | Native Scoring Preview
  • Azure SQL Database | Pools storage up to 4 TB premium tier—GA
  • Azure SQL Database | Virtual Network service endpoints Preview
  • Azure SQL Database | Vulnerability Assessment Preview
  • Cognitive Services Updates | GA announcements of Text Analytics, Bing Search v7 and Bing Custom Search
  • Machine Learning Services | ML Server Software Assurance benefit for Hadoop—GA
  • Machine Learning Services | Rename R Server to Machine Learning Server—GA
  • Power BI Desktop | GA
  • Azure Cosmos DB | Database Auditing—GA
  • Azure Cosmos DB | Integration with Azure Functions Preview
  • Azure Cosmos DB | New Metrics and Heatmaps—GA
  • Azure Data Factory | Azure Data Factory updates Preview
  • Azure SQL Database | Adaptive query processing—GA
  • Azure SQL Database | Graph support—GA
  • Azure SQL Database | Intelligent Insights Preview
  • Power BI service | GA
  • SQL Data Warehouse | New performance tier for analytics workloads
  • Azure App Service | New premium tier—GA
  • Azure Functions | Functions support for .NET Core
  • Azure Functions | Support for Microsoft Graph bindings
  • Azure Service Fabric | New releases
  • Azure OSS DevOps | Hashicorp Terraform in Azure Cloud Shell—GA
  • Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview | Announcement of Android 8.0 (“Oreo”) support
  • Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview | Announcement of iOS 11 support
  • Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview | Continuous Export
  • New and enhanced Azure Active Directory Cloud App Discovery | GA
  • System Center Configuration Manager | Disclosure Co-Management (ConfigMgr+Intune)
  • Intune Partner Integration | Disclosure—Jamf integration
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security | Proxy Preview announcement
  • Azure HDInsight | OMS Integration – Public Preview
  • Power BI Embedded | Disclosure
  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection | Secure email to anyone
  • Azure Active Directory access reviews | Preview
  • Azure AD Conditional Access—New conditions and controls | Preview
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security | AIP auto-labeling preview announcement
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security | EU datacenter support announcement
  • System Center Configuration Manager | ConfigMgr Mixed Authority and Intune Data Importer
  • G- and H-series price reductions | Disclosure
  • Application Security Groups | Application Security Groups Preview
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Azure: Microsoft for the Modern Data Estate

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Azure AD authentication extensions for Azure SQL DB and SQL DW tools

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